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Tor2Door is the world's largest darknet marketplace as of 2023 and is less than two years old and carries a wide selection of listings of both digital and physical products. It features a completely original design; its admins claim they developed the market from scratch up. This certainly does give Tor2Door an individual feel and it is easy to navigate. The market carries about 10,000 listings and vendors service all the often-serviced regions around the globe. For those who prefer to conduct their purchases by using multisig escrow Tor2Door is the best choice and made it as easy to use as possible.

One of my favorite features for Tor2Door it's Exchange feature that allows users to convert across BTC as well as XMR. This is especially handy for sellers who want to convert their earnings into one cryptocurrency or the other prior to making withdrawals. The low cost of vendor bonds (between $150 to $300, entirely waived for established companies) has allowed Tor2Door to become extremely popular when it comes to vendors looking to find a new place to operate following the closure of the other markets. It's generally seen as a reliable, secure marketplace and is said to be a favorite by many.
Product Selection

With a market just one year and a half old, Tor2Door has built up a large range of product listings, which currently number around 10,000 in all. Listings are categorized into the different categories of: Fraud Drugs & Chemicals, Digital Products and False Items, Jewels & Gold, Services, Services, & Hosting, and others. About 2/3 of these lists are related to drugs which are divided into whopping 47 subcategories. It is incredibly simple to narrow categories down to identify exactly what you're looking for.
Payment Methods

Tor2Door can accept Bitcoin (BTC) as well as Monero (XMR) for payment, using the traditional market account and an escrow account. It also provides a properly-designed multisig system that allows customers to take advantage of an escrow with a ratio of 2/3. This requires you to add an Bitcoin private keys (xpub) to the account to approve the transaction and complete the order. We strongly recommend taking advantage of the multisig security escrow when making more expensive purchases ($500 or more). Certain vendors are FE enabled.
Tor2Door Pros

Original design, intuitive user interface.
The largest selection tor2door link of listings is available for physical and digital items.
Multisig Escrow option for BTC payments (some sellers).

Tor2Door Cons

No per-order or "prepay" options.
Nothing in the form in terms of content that is provided by market sources or customer support.
Does not force PGP encryption of communications.

Overall, Tor2Door is a reliable market that has grown in its size in the last few years to become one the bigger markets currently in operating. It offers a wide range of different drugs and pharmaceuticalsas well as a well-organized selection of digital products, in addition. Its original design is appealing as well as its ever-growing customer base suggests that many consider it to be reliable. To be honest, Tor2Door does seem a somewhat uninspiring, since it does not have detailed content from admins guide, user guides, and its FAQ is bare bones. However, the market performs its task with the potential for expansion well into the future.

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