5 Simple Statements About vice city market url Explained

Vice City is a medium-sized darknet market that began trading in May 2020 . It's managed to draw a loyal crowd of both vendors and customers. The market launched on the premise that it would pay special attention to customer service in order to distinguish itself from other markets that were considered to be unfair to buyers when they first started. The market's website is slow to load and less streamlined than other markets . Additionally, the site has frequent delays in timeouts. However, it is able to maintain some consistency, and a reasonable $300 vendor bond can be an entry level for newer vendors.

Vice City was one of the first markets to ban selling of porn-related products, which reduces accumulation of. Fentanyl-related sales have also been banned, along with the usual others. While the market isn't offering many listings however, it offers some of the most prominent drugs and digital goods. Market vendors are spread throughout the world, and serve all regions of the globe.
Product Selection

Vice City currently has around 10,000 listings in total, with around 70% of these being for pharmaceuticals and drugs. Some categories of listings include Benzos, Cannabis, Dissociatives, Ecstasy, Opioids, Prescriptions, Psychedelics, Steroids, Stimulants, Digital, Fraud, and Services. The most popular single areas are Digital Items (2647 listings) and Cannabis (2130 listings). The majority of categories are broken down to subcategories making it easier to find the exact kind of product that you are looking for. The search engine appears to be not functioning at the moment.
Payment Methods

Vice City is a Bitcoin (BTC)-only market , which until recently used the traditional wallet for accounts system. They have now switched over to a payment per order get more info system and customers do not require pre-funding their accounts prior to making an order. Instead, a specified value vice city market onion in BTC gets sent an address that represents the order. The account is placed in the account until the request is received. At that point it is released to the seller. It appears the market is working on a way to support Monero (XMR) but this feature has not yet be made available. Alongside standard Escrow payment options, Vice City also supports Multisig and FE (finalize early) payment options, but the latter two aren't accessible to all vendors.
Vice City Pros

A simple, easy registration process.
Good, diverse selection of famous items.
Moderation and support team with responsiveness.
Per-order payment instead of bank accounts with central vaults.

Vice City Cons

Doesn't support Monero (XMR) - yet (this could change shortly).
Occasionally offline or stricken with the long load times of pages.
Market layout is not the ideal design.
Fundamental features appear to be broken from time-to-time.

In all, Vice City is not an ideal choice for all people when it comes to choosing a darknet-based market. However, having been in business for a year and a half this year, they've succeeded in develop an established user base. This is in part due to making good on their commitment to incorporate users' feedback into their website processes for market development, and even though the market remains under development, their admins have a solid way for connecting buyers and sellers when it's ready for full-on completion.

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